How to Keep the Fat Off After Losing Weight with HCG

Let’s discuss how one loses weight on the HCG diet and why some people gain the weight right back and how others lose the weight and keep it off maintaining their healthy weight as a new way of being. People experiencing obesity benefit from injections of HCG because it allows them to have blood that is consistently saturated with food giving a sense of satisfaction and fullness when consuming only 500 calories a day. This allows the body to pull from the accumulation of fat that has been deposited in areas that have been in lock down from the body to use for fuel.

This diet helps the body pull from those areas that the fat has been locked away in and opens up the door to be released and used as fuel. During a regular diet you would pull from important structural fats leaving an obese person looking gaunt, but still with tons of fat around the middle as well as looking very exhausted. They literally starve themselves trying to get rid of the excess fat that isn’t even being accessed. This diet allows people experiencing obesity to prepare the body by first force-feeding with specific high fat foods to ensure adequate fat reserves so the body is directed to the toxic fat that has been locked away from regular metabolism instead of the essential structural fats.

With HCG it is impossible to reduce a patient, however enthusiastic, beyond their normal weight. As soon as no more abnormal fat is being issued the body starts consuming normal fat, and this is always regained as soon as ordinary feeding is resumed. The patient then finds that the 2-3 lbs. he has lost during the last days of treatment are immediately regained. A meal is skipped and maybe a pound is lost. The next day this pound is regained, in spite of a careful watch over the food intake. In a few days, a tearful patient is back in the consulting room, convinced that their case is a failure.

All that is happening is that the essential fat lost at the end of the treatment is being replaced. The weight at which such a patient must stabilize thus lies 2-3 lbs. higher than the weight reached at the end of the treatment. Once this higher basic level is established, further difficulties in controlling the weight at the new point of stabilization hardly arise.

Dr. Simeons goes on to explain that often those who do regain weight try to continue restricting their caloric intake similar to that while on the HCG, only to be sadly informed that their weight is increasing by eating less. Your body needs fuel and when you are at a new set point it will know what to do with it, but you are in a sense retraining your body to be different and it needs to learn this new way of being.

After resuming the HCG injections it is important to continue weighing yourself every day and constantly gauge your intake with your body weight until the hypothalamus stabilizes into its new set point for your body’s new way of being. Maintaining a new healthy weight is not about just eating a specific way or even weighing yourself every day. Those are just guidelines to help you develop and integrate a new life style that maintains a healthy weight.

What we think, what we eat, what we do in the day and how much we sleep all affect our health. If we can utilize technology and medical science as tools to get out of the obesity range and down to a functional and healthy weight we can then start a new set point, a new way of being. We need to remember that the diet is just a door that opens the opportunity to have greater health. It is your daily choices and “Lifestyle” that determines the maintenance. Let’s shift from the idea of a diet to the consciousness of stepping into a new way of being that improves our overall health, body and mind.

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